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  • Title: War Gods of Babylon
  • Release year: 1962
  • Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Drama
  • Director: Silvio Amadio
  • Actors: Howard Duff, Jocelyn Lane, Luciano Marin, Giancarlo Sbragia, Arnoldo Foà, Stelio Candelli, José Greci, Luigi Borghese, Nico Pepe, Calisto Calisti, Silvio Amadio
  • Movie length: 88 min.

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War Gods of Babylon movie was designed in 1962 and it belongs to Drama genre. Famous actors as Stelio Candelli, Luciano Marin make this Drama movie fantastic. It is true, War Gods of Babylon is one of the greatest movie in Drama genre in 1962. Such actors like Stelio Candelli, Luciano Marin made this marvelous movie even greater. Movie time: 88 mins. War Gods of Babylon movie is a pretty decent movie, filled with much of great action. If there are free 88 m of life and have not got any imagination how to spend them then you probably could watch War Gods of Babylon that is uninteresting movie in Drama category of year 1962. Maybe there are some moments of the movie would even be interesting for you but the movie with not nice acting of Stelio Candelli, Luciano Marin is not good, if telling the truth. So, if you want, you are able check it up but IMHO, there are some more interesting things to do in free time of yours. The flick to me wasn't like many of the Drama genre films that I watched. The flick was different because it more special and let viewers get closer and follow the main role. The flick probably is 100% twist and there wasn't a moment where I felt distracted or disinterested from the flick. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you 100% will love this movie.

War Gods of Babylon will show you so interesting and cool story with conviencing acting of best actors like: Silvio Amadio, José Greci, Jocelyn Lane, Giancarlo Sbragia, Luciano Marin. It is probably one of the best movies of Action category that you should not miss a chance of examining or you risk losing tons of great positive emotions! Length of the film is 88 min and you start feeling what actors are feeling, start thinking what they are thinking, start to understand their lives during this delightful time! War Gods of Babylon is a good movie exclusively for fans of Silvio Amadio, José Greci, Jocelyn Lane, Giancarlo Sbragia, Luciano Marin. Amazing effects, very good written, amazing filming, and well acted. Interested in having amazing time with some Action movie? Check up War Gods of Babylon with Silvio Amadio in main role and other well-known actors like: Silvio Amadio, José Greci, Jocelyn Lane, Giancarlo Sbragia, Luciano Marin and you would not ever regret about this right choice. This is one of the most impressive and best of all films in 1962 and we advise you to check it up now. The running time of the film is 88 min and you would regret a little bit that it lasts no longer. I think that you will like this film. It is just my conclusion.